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@Mario Vavti mentioned that we can hopefully expect 3.8RC to come the end of this month. I'd at least like to make sure by then that all the existing functionality of the cart system is working correctly. I've pushed a few UI tweaks in the last week or so. But I haven't heard any real feedback. If you are running the DEV branch of Hubzilla on a server and could do some testing, it'd be greatly appreciated. I'm going to try to get some docs of how to do some things put together soon as well, but I'd kind of like to know what people can/can't figure out on their own.

So any feedback would be helpful. I'm going to be honest - I'm not a UI guy. Any GOOD UI elements are probably Mario's doing trying to make things look better (THANKS MARIO!).

What SHOULD be working:

1) The TEST catalog
2) Manual catalog items (as if you were going to take orders on line but do all the back end processing manually)
3) Hubzilla Services (add buyer as connection, add buyer to privacy group, and for hub admins, change service_class of buyer's account)
4) Subscriptions (extend length of subscription on subsequent purchase, auto expiration and "rollback" of Services if using the Hubzilla Services module)
5) Paypal payments
6) Auto-fulfillment upon Paypal payment
7) Manual payments
8) "My Shop" admin tools to fulfill and take notes about an order.
9) "Shopping cart" functionality
10) Order button widget for use in web pages and other areas where widgets are enabled.